Memory Monroe

Marilyn Monroe is most likely the most iconic and famous moviestar ever….!
Marilyn is in high demand, today people still want to have her glamour and magical aura to enlighten their special occasion, their PR campagne or their life. While Memory Monroe is considered by many to be the next best thing or at least one of the world best Marilyn Monroe imitators, they invite her to their events all over the globe.
<strong>Who is the girl behind  Memory Monroe?
</strong>The girl is (originally auburn headed) Dutch born singer and actress Claudia Kooij. After being told by several people she resembles Marilyn Monroe, she started her career at a friend’s birthday party in 2006. The audience was raving and  motivated Claudia to start putting as much time, money and dedication  as she could in perfecting her tribute to Marilyn.

Memory Monroe is te boeken voor een acte de présence met of zonder zang.

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